Leasing is not significantly different than buying. When you buy and finance a vehicle you are buying the whole car. When you lease you are buying a portion of the car. You are buying depreciation. If a car sells for $20,000 and it will be worth $8,000 in four years, why not simply purchase $12,000 worth?

Why Should You Lease From Jefferson Leasing?

You can obtain a lease from three different sources:

Car Dealers
From your perspective, it looks like car dealers write most leases. This isn’t the case. Dealers merely act as brokers or middlemen for the manufacturer’s own finance company or for a bank. For dealers the lease is just a financing tool to aid in the sales process. Leasing allows them to shift the emphasis to the monthly payment rather than the selling price of the vehicle.

Independent Leasing Companies
There are stand-alone, non-dealer-affiliated leasing companies that offer leasing services either to the consumer market or corporate fleets. Again, these companies act as brokers or middlemen with the actual lease financing provided by a bank or finance company.

Direct Bank Lessors
When you select this option there are no middlemen. You can lease DIRECT from the bank. The Bancorp Bank, trading as Jefferson Leasing, is one of the very few financial institutions that offer a DIRECT leasing product. We don’t have to sell the lease to a bank - we are the bank. Because we’re registered as a leasing company with vehicle manufacturers, we have access to wholesale vehicle pricing. Combining this with our lower cost of funds and our vehicle expertise, we are positioned to offer you a low-cost, service-oriented product.

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